In October 2018, the government of Ethiopia announced its decision to proceed with the privatization and the liberalization of the Ethiopian Telecommunications Sector.

The plan calls for:

  • enhancing the role of the sector in socio-economic activities to enable the country to grow rapidly;
  • expanding ICT coverage in all parts of the country;
  • providing competitive ICT services in terms of cost and quality;
  • creating a conducive environment for the private sector to use ICT

The market opening process will be two-fold: a minority stake of the incumbent operator, Ethio Telecom will be proposed to private investors and the ECA will issue two additional licenses for telecommunications operators.

The government of Ethiopian and the Ethiopian Communications Authority will conduct a collaborative Stakeholder Consultation process with any interested party by issuing a Public Notice outlining the licensing process and major regulatory topics. The Stakeholder Consultation will start on October 22, 2019.