In October 2018, the Government of Ethiopia announced its decision to reform Ethiopia’s telecommunications sector. The objectives of the reform agenda include creating a more competitive environment, attracting investment, promoting consumer choice, lower prices and a higher quality of service. The liberalized telecommunications market should provide a foundation for the emergence of a transformative digital economy in Ethiopia.

The Communications Service Proclamation No. 1148/2019, which was published on September 2 2019, establishes the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) as the regulator of the Communications sector with a mandate, inter alia, to introduce competition in the sector. Pursuant to Articles 35-37 of the Proclamation, a Public Notice was posted on the ECA’s website ( on October 22, 2019 soliciting all interested stakeholders to make comments and offer contributions regarding the proposed regulatory framework and market opening process.

The ECA now welcomes all stakeholders, potential investors and other interested parties on 12 November in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to conduct an in-person consultation to address issues related to the telecommunications reform process.


The Public Consultation to be held on November 12 will provide an opportunity for an explanation of the details set out in the Public Notice posted on 22 October, and will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to offer comments to the ECA on the planned market opening and regulatory framework. Inputs will feed into the formal request for bids from potential operators, ahead of the competitive selection process. This is expected to conclude in March 2020 with the award of two new full service telecom licenses.

The Public Consultation is open to all stakeholders, potential investors in the telecommunications sector, members of the media and the General Public. The morning session will be an investors conference with presentations from ECA,the Ministry of Finance, ,and the Ethiopian Investment Commission. The afternoon session will be a stakeholders’ consultation, with the opportunity to pose questions and make comments to the ECA. The in-person consultation complements the online consultation process, which is due to close on November 22, 2019.



The registration to the Public Consultation conference is now closed. Participants to the conference will received directly the detailed venue and agenda of the event by e-mail. For any additional question, please send an e-mail to