The Ethiopian Communications Authority wishes to notify all stakeholders that it has drafted several directives for Stakeholder Consultation that will facilitate issuance of telecommunications service licenses pursuant to the new Telecommunications Regulatory Framework.

The Authority will hold a fifteen (15) working day Stakeholder Consultation on the directives. The directives, in both Amharic and English language versions are: Telecommunications Licensing Directive, Consumers Rights and Protection Directive, and Dispute Resolution Directive.

Additional directives will be forthcoming in the next few days, and these will include, but not limited to, directives on Quality of Service (QoS), Numbering, Interconnection, Infrastructure Sharing and Collocation, Telecommunications Rights of Way, and Universal Access obligation framework. All interested stakeholders are encouraged to periodically check the Authority’s website for additional uploads under the “publications” page.

We will review all submissions we receive and will consider the comments in adopting the Directives. This Stakeholder Consultation will start on June 1, 2020 and will run until June 19, 2020, no later than 11:59 PM, East Africa Time.

Contributions from Stakeholders on each Directive, preferably in Word document format, are welcome, and can be addressed to the Authority via e-mail addresses and

The Ethiopian Communications Authority

FINAL-Draft-Consumer-Rights-and-Protection-Directive English version 28-05-2020

FINAL-Draft-Consumer-Rights-and-Protection-Directive-Amharic version 28-05-2020

FINAL-Draft-Dispute-Resolution-Directive-Amharic version 28-05-2020

FINAL-Draft-Dispute-Resolution-Directive-English version 28-05-2020

FINAL-Draft-Telecommunications-Licencing-Directive English version 28-05-2020

FINAL-Draft-Telecommunications-Licencing-Directive-Amharic version 28-05-2020