The Ethiopian Communications Authority hereby issues two additional directives for stakeholder consultation: (1) The Telecommunications Interconnection Directive, and (2) The Telecommunications Infrastructure Sharing and Collocation Directive. 

The Amharic versions of these two directives will be forthcoming by the end of this week. In light of this, the Authority will not, at this juncture, set a deadline for submission of comments which will be determined following the issuance of the Amharic versions. However, the Authority will accept comments from those who wish to do so on the English versions.

Contributions from stakeholders on the directives may be addressed to the Authority via e-mail at and preferably as attachments in Word document format.

The Ethiopian Communications Authority

DRAFT-Telecommunications-Interconnection-Directive-English Version

DRAFT-Telecommunications-Infrastructure-Sharing-and-Collocation-Directive-English Version