Domain Name and IP Address

Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) is mandated to manage the .et Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) whilst taking into consideration issues of public policy and relevant law and regulation.

Article 12 of the Communications Services Proclamation 1148/2019 declares that the authority shall “Manage Internet Protocol address, domain names, including the Country Code top level domain for Ethiopia (.et), through allocating, assigning and supervising efficient use there of”.

Hence, ECA will be .et ccTLD Registry Manager and works towards establishing a National Network Information Center (NIC). It also formulate, develop and regulate policies based on international best practices and building its capacity to manage and operate the .et ccTLD with a view to promot the use of the .et domain name space

Government Certificate Authority

Communications Services Proclamation, No. 1148/2019 in the article 26 states that the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) is responsible to safeguard the interest of consumers of communication services which declares that the authority shall “ensure electronic commerce through the use of electronic signatures to lend authenticity and integrity to correspondence in any electronic medium.”

ECA is now working towards establishing a public (i.e. government) certification authority (CA). The CA’s objectives, among others, will be to issue digital certificates using a secure encryption method. The public CA will play a critical role in how the internet will operate and allow for transparent, trusted transactions to take place online in Ethiopia by allowing websites, people, and devices to represent their authentic online identity. The digital certificates and verifiable small data files containing identity credentials will be used to protect information, encrypt billions of transactions, and enable secure communication. The public CA will complement the operation of private CAs.