Stocktwits Social Media Expands Into Equities, Undeterred by Market Qualms

Only 21 million btc stocktwitss will ever be “mined” and over 19 million are already in circulation. An investment project may be capital constrained when its risk exceeds the risk limit of prospective investors. We propose a new equity-contract in which the project’s performance-sharing across investors respects the individual investor’s risk limit while staying as close as possible to his/her […]

Stakeholder Consultation on Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia’s Draft Consumer Right and Protection Code of Conduct

The Ethiopian Communications Authority, pursuant to Article 6 Sub-Article (14) of the Communications Service Proclamation No. 1148/2019, is mandated to safeguard the interest of Consumers of Communications Services. Article 50(3) of the Proclamation also provides that the Authority shall in particular require each Telecommunications Operator to establish a code of conduct that shall specify the rights of Consumers including the […]

Convert Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH And more was founded by Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, and Joe Lubin, founder of blockchain software company ConsenSys. Along with Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson, and Anthony Di Lorio, an idea to revolutionize blockchain technology beyond a means of virtual payments gave rise to Ethereum’s legendary inception. As the need for blockchain grows, Ethereum remains a top choice […]

Buy Dash DASH directly with Creditcard or SEPA

DASH can be used to purchase everyday goods and services, particularly for bankless users and those in countries witnessing high inflation rates. Choose one of payment methods, that suits you most, either its credit or debit card or bank transfer and get Dash. The current 1 Dollar to Dash exchange rate is Dash. What is more, Dash ensures complete security […]