Public Notice Stakeholder Consultation Telecommunications Service License Issuance (License B)

In October 2018, the Government of Ethiopia announced its decision to proceed with the reform of the Ethiopian telecommunications sector. Central to the reform agenda is to attract investment into the sector, while also laying the ground for more competition, which ensures improvements in service provision and transformation of the sector.

The Communications Service Proclamation No. 1148/2019, (“the Proclamation”) established the Ethiopian Communications Authority (“the ECA” or “the Authority”) as the regulator of the communications sector with a mandate, among others, to introduce competition in the sector. The ECA is an independent regulatory authority accountable directly to the Prime Minister who has overseen, since its creation in 2019, the development of the sector regulation and the successful opening of the market through a transparent and fair competitive tender to a top-class private sector entrant.


Ethiopia- Stakeholder Consultation on Issuance of Telecommunications Service License (License B)